Cloudveil Mountain Works got its start in 1997 in Jackson, Wyoming. Started by two avid backcountry skiers, Cloudveil was the expression of their love of the outdoors and a drive to build better outerwear. Neither had much business experience but their passion for product was unmistakable.

The initial line was ‘tight’ – to put it honestly. But the first line, eight styles in all, had a credible backcountry ski focus. Consumers loved Cloudveil from day one.

Within a short time the fusion of creativity, functionality and performance became the Cloudveil brand signature. The drive to innovate built the brand into the standard by which other outerwear brands judged themselves. 

Rapid growth led Cloudveil to seek out new manufacturers around the world. This in turn opened new technologies in textiles and construction allowing Cloudveil Mountain Works to innovate even more.