What started out with comfortable compression apparel, sleeves, socks, and orthotics that are designed for every day wear has now expanded into functional and fashionable accessories for Men, Women, and Children. Each item is created with the same quality and standards that our Tommie Copper® customers have known to expect. Our products are designed to relieve the pressure points that cause stress to your muscles and joints so you don’t have to have a workout carrying your items to the gym, you can save that workout for the gym.

Where applicable, we have engineered our products with our exclusive 4D multi- directional weave, patent-pending, Copper Znergy® technology that eliminates odor causing microbes on the fabric and provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

At Tommie Copper® we are dedicated to dressing well, supporting and improving your life at work, sport or play, every day.