Imagine coming across Lewis and Clark’s original gear used in their expeditions across America. Their boots, belts, backpacks, travel gear, dopp kits and other items that made their daily routine easier. Made from not only leather that remained supple and firm but also the best in canvas and other cloth fabrics. Our team of designers have brought this idea to life. A group of travel accessories not just with constructed with the most advanced technology for ease of travel, but sturdy and full of character, with the utmost attention to detail and respect for the craft and well designed. Traveling for pleasure or for business, you want to feel good, look good and easily make your way through your adventures.

Our team of dedicated designers have spent countless hours perfecting our travel assortment. To make this possible. We adhere to the finest standards for materials and workmanship.

We can not wait for you to start your adventures using our travel accessories that will soon be your Lewis and Clark memory and that will make you proud to carry.