Founded in 1993 in honor of the late Jim (Jimmy) Valvano, who passed away from cancer, The V Foundation has awarded over $170 million in cancer research grants and has become one of the premier supporters and providers of cutting-edge cancer research funds. Adopting Jimmy’s motto, “Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give UP”, The V Foundation has been an inspiration to many people in the world, in their fight against cancer and a bright light in raising funds to eliminate this disease.

In January of 2017, NMG Brands became the master license for all V Foundation product to be distributed through retailers and for corporate gifts. By engaging a broad list of celebrities to create drawings and artwork, we are able to turn these drawings into great designs for a range of exciting sellable merchandise that not only have an emotional connection to people in all age groups but also is highly marketable.

Using the marketing power of The V Foundation and its Corporate Partners such as ESPN, The Hard Rock Hotel and Under Armour, we market this brand and it’s products on a global scale while at the same time generating funds and awareness to defeat cancer and give hope to millions of people.